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Competitive Classes

Due to COVID rental problems - All competition classes will be located at the Elite Hall in Hyrum. When the Logan Rec Center becomes available for rentals, we may move some classes to there. 

Classes Description:
  • BEGINING COMPETITION PROGRAM - this is for the dancers who want to try competition without to much of a time or travel commitment! They will compete at 2 LOCAL competitions and the end of year recital! 
  • ELITE/PREMIER classes -  Our  Elite/Premier Program are  for those, more dedicated, dancers.  We will still only hold class 2x a week, but the classes will be longer and include more technical instruction and some acro tumbling along with Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop.
The followoing information applies to ALL competition classes:
  •  Yearly* Tuition is for the Months of  August 2020 - May 2021 and may be paid monthly if desired. 
  • Registration Fee is $80 and includes recital fee.  Registration fees are non-refundable. (Watch for early registration discounts!) 
  • Other Required fees will be Costumes Fee (Due in October - Approx $45 per costume)  and Competition Fees. 
  •  Extra practices will be added as needed in January and February to get ready for competitions.
  •  End of year recital will be in May.
  •  Optional Fees- Class picture and DVD of recital
  •  All absences within 2 weeks of a competition must be approved by a director. Teachers are not responsible to spend another class time to re-teach dances or technique when a student misses - it will be the responsibility of the student to learn missed choreography and/or technique. 
  • There are additional fees for costumes, competition fees, etc.
  • Elite and Premier Classes will have commitment and have technique requirements - if a girls can not meet those technique requirements, then they make participate in a younger Elite Class or in a regular competition class until the requirements have been met.  
Age Group
 Day/s and Times
Mini Comp (K-1st grade)
 Thursday 4:00-5:30 pm
Elementary Comp (2-5th grade)
Monday 4:00-5:25 pm, Thursday 4:00-5:25 pm 
Junior Elite (3rd-5th grade)
Monday 4:00-5:25 pm, Thursday 4:00-5:25 pm 
 Junior Premier (5th-7th grade)
 Wednesday 4:00-5:45 pm, Thursday 5:30-7:00 pm
 Senior Aspires (6th-8th grade)
Wednesday 5:30-7:30 pm, Thursday 5:30-7:15 pm
 Senior Elite (7th-9th grade)
Wednesday 6:45-8:30 pm, Thursday 6:45-8:30 pm
 Senior Premier (9th-11th grade)
Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm, Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm